Our History

At a very tender age, our founder Datuk Derrick Ong began his entrepreneurial journey in the early seventies. What started out as an interest in the construction industry soon piqued into a lifelong passion to delve further into the world of machinery.

At the former part of his career, he mainly dealt with the trading of used equipment and spare parts. Derrick later went on to represent many world renowned brands of parts and also held the several exclusive distributorships.

In November 1993, our founder was invited by the Chinese government to take over some wheel loader and forklift factories that were left abandoned by Americans. However, the quality back then could not meet international standards and fell short of our founder’s expectations. Hence, this project was shelved.

Years passed and it was only in the early 2000s, Derrick welcomed the revival of the idea yet again upon discovery that China had become home to manufacturers of engines, transmissions and critical hydraulic components. Through his immense expertise and experience in the machinery and spare parts industry, he could identify the quality of the components with ease and was meticulous in his selection of the fine parts that would build the formidable POWERPLUS machine.

Together with his team of engineers from the R&D department, they studied industry leaders, adopting the best of cutting edge technologies and improved on it.

Having to compete in a market saturated with pioneer brands was no easy feat. But this formula would later see POWERPLUS gain recognition in the Middle East when a deal was clinched with the US Army.

The Company was officially incorporated in 2004 after a series of transformations.

POWERPLUS has since gained market acceptance in over 100 countries across 6 continents, positioning itself as a world-leader in the construction industry.



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