About Us

About Us

Corporate Profile

POWERPLUS Group Inc., USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of POWERPLUS Group Pte Ltd, is a globally recognized manufacturer and supplier of heavy equipment. Established in 1973, we pride ourselves on our long history of providing quality machinery, cost-effective solutions, and outstanding customer service.

Finest range of machinery

Every POWERPLUS machine is manufactured according to stringent industry standards and configured to the highest optimum specifications. By incorporating the best of American, European, and Japanese technology and workmanship, our equipment is also highly durable and efficient.

Your Preferred Solutions Provider

Our portfolio of products ranges from heavy and material-handling equipment to trucks and even plants. We also provide services such as spare part replacements and rentals. Our cost-effective approach is what sets us apart from our competitors and has helped us gain recognition as one of the best alternatives to industry leaders.

Service You Can Rely On

We believe that the backbone of any business is outstanding customer service. From your first inquiry to after-sales support, you can trust that we will always go out of our way to serve you better. Expect accurate solutions delivered promptly, to meet your every need, when you make us your partner of choice.

Long-term Value for Stakeholders

POWERPLUS is committed to meeting every stakeholders’ needs without any compromises. We adopt a holistic approach to ensure that our employees, customers, partners, and shareholders meet their growth and development needs.

Chairman’s Message

Earning Trust. Building Relationships.

We place our client relationships front and center. At POWERPLUS, we strive to build and maintain long-term relationships with each and every client based on trust, integrity and professionalism.

POWERPLUS will continue to offer unparalleled value to our clients on the strength of our sound fundamentals in core businesses. We have an ambitious but achievable plan that I believe will position us as a world leader that creates long-term stakeholder value.

Core Values

Since its inception, POWERPLUS has been governed by its core values. They shape the culture
and define the character of our People and the Company.


Integrity is the fundamental principle that we live by, to ensure that those with whom we work and serve can rely on us.


As individuals and as an organization, we are committed to creating value for all our stakeholders towards the common goal of success.


We strongly believe in creating an inclusive and diverse work environment for all our employees to ensure purposeful collaboration.


We continually strive to uphold the high quality of our products and services, to honor the trust and confidence that our stakeholders have put in us.

Our History

At a very tender age, our founder Datuk Derrick Ong began his entrepreneurial journey in the early seventies. What started out as an interest in the
construction industry soon piqued into a lifelong passion to delve further into the world of machinery.


Interest Turned Into Lifelong Passion

Datuk Derrick Ong, founder of POWERPLUS Group Inc. began his entrepreneurial journey in the early seventies. Interest in the construction industry led to humble beginnings of used machinery and spare parts trading. This eventually developed into a lifelong passion for the world of machinery and heavy equipment.


Representing World Renowned Brands

After a little over a decade of building a reputation as a reputable trader, our founder earned the opportunity to represent several world renowned machinery brands. He secured several exclusive distributorships, thus further elevating his prominence in the industry.


Birth of An Ambition

Over the years, our founder developed an ambition to provide the construction and mining industry with heavy equipment that is manufactured to the highest standards of technology, quality, and reliability, while being competitively priced. This core idea laid the foundation on which the company was built.


The First POWERPLUS Machine Built

After almost a decade spent on research and development, our founder successfully built the very first POWERPLUS excavator that was true to his ambitions. This was the stepping stone to creating the wide range of POWERPLUS products and services we know today.


Official Incorporation of POWERPLUS Brand Inc., USA

Despite having to compete in a market saturated with established brands, our founder was tenacious and unrelenting. His efforts eventually clinched a major deal with the US Army, helping the company gain recognition in the Middle East, and thereafter leading to POWERPLUS’ official incorporation.


Material Handling Equipment

By 2006 POWERPLUS range of equipment has grown to include bulldozers, motor graders, wheel loaders and excavators. After acquiring a wide range of heavy equipment, POWEPLUS decided to expand into material handling equipment to address the demand from existing customers. This was how our very first forklift was built.


First Exhibition

POWERPLUS participated in its very first major international heavy equipment exhibition, Bauma China 2012. Since then, POWERPLUS has participated in 11 other exhibitions worldwide.


Internationally Accepted and Recognized

POWERPLUS was awarded the "Singapore Top 100 Excellence Award". This was the starting point of brand quality recognition in the international market. POWERPLUS would later go on to win several other prestigious awards.


Official Launch in Singapore

Becoming more recognized in the ASEAN, POWERPLUS officially launched in Singapore to cater to the growing demand of our heavy equipment machineries in the region.


Cutting Edge Technology

Always innovating and improving, POWERPLUS partnered with Leica Geosystems, an industry leader in measurement technologies. This collaboration resulted in increased machine utilization, productivity, accuracy as well as cost-savings.


Worldwide Presence

To date, POWERPLUS has gained global market acceptance and recognition. Our dealers can be found from Greece to Australia and Peru to Indonesia.


Corporate Social Responsibilities

  • Gender Equality in Powerplus Group
  • Women comprise 45% of our workforce
    and 50% of our management

Powerplus Group believes that everyone has the potential to excel, regardless of gender, race or religion. In line with our commitment to create a corporate shared value for sustainable development, we hire based on attitude, merits and experiences.

Gender Equality

Reduced Inequalitiies

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

  • Decent Work and Salary in Powerplus Group
  • Full and productive employment by
    providing decent salary to employees

Powerplus Group provide decent work opportunities and compensation to our employees. We take employees’ feedbacks seriously to create a meaningful and productive job for our workforce and encourage innovation at the same time.

Good Health & Well-Being

Gender Equality

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

Reduced Inequalitiies

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions