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Earlier this year, Koh Brothers had purchased POWERPLUS PP14G-IX Motor Graders and D85EX-15 Bulldozers, to work on the billion dollar project that they had clinched from Changi Airport Group. The contract that was secured through a joint venture with Samsung C&T requires the organizations to build an extension of Runway 3 and develop a supporting taxi system that would link the runway to Changi Airport, all of which is estimated to be 40 kilometres wide.

Mr Alan briefing on Leica Geosystems product and metrology.

In efforts to maximize work performance and fine-tune project schedules, POWERPLUS has recently partnered with world-renowned, revolutionary leader of geospatial measurement solutions - Leica Geosystems - to give an extra boost toward accomplishing the billion dollar deal.

"Revolutionising the world of measurement and survey for nearly 200 years, Leica Geosystems is the industry leader in measurement and information technologies. We create complete solutions for professionals across the planet.(Leica Geosystems, 2017)

POWERPLUS PP14G-IX Motor Grader equipped with Leica's Total Station TS16 P-1" R500.

Leica's Total Station TS16 P-1" R500 are installed in the Motor Graders that are involved in the extensive project. The latest installation of Leica's intelligence denotes a dramatic increase in machine utilization, productivity, accuracy as well as cost-savings. Equipped with sensors around the machine that provide automatic high-precision control of both slope and elevation, time-consuming grade checking processes are eliminated. The foolproof solution not only minimizes dependence on survey crews and reduces idle time, it also empowers operators to do more without spending years in on-the-job-training. 


Leica Geosystems training at Singapore Changi Airport, Terminal 5.

On May 9th, Leica Geosystems and POWERPLUS team of engineers visited the work site of Singapore Changi Airport's New Mega Passenger Terminal - Terminal 5 - where they conducted a 6-hour training on the newly equipped Motor Graders. The Koh Brothers workers took turns to get a first-hand experience of the Swedish technology and were quick to pick up the skills needed to operate the user-friendy solution.

Mr Anuthai (Koh Brothers), Mr Saiful (POWERPLUS) , Mr Alan (Koh Brothers)

Mr Alan (Leica Geosystems) had flown to Singapore from Australia just to conduct the training. 

Mr Alan: "I think it's great that the workers are talking and sharing their knowledge with each other. They picked up the skills a lot faster this way because I certainly had not expect them to learn so quickly. I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the training."

POWERPLUS is pleased to have partnered with Leica Geosystems and we look forward to collaborating with Leica again in the future.

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